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Last weekend we went to NYC (more on that later) and I was overwhelmed with how much I love – and miss – that city. Of course, that got me thinking about all my favorite cities and how I wish I could flit around from place to place, soaking in each and every aspect like the locals. It isn’t until you live somewhere that you can truly appreciate the minute details of the local coffee shop where you read that great book or the bar where you celebrated something fantastic with your girlfriends.

Needless to say I have the travel (ish) bug. It’s really more like the live-in-all-the-places-for-a-while bug, or if we want to be short and sweet – wanderlust!

Empire State Building

If only I could quit my job and travel the world.

Or at least find a job that allowed me to live abroad for while.

I’m not talking about this kind of living abroad though.

I used to have a job that allowed me to travel, and I always wished this would happen on one of my flights. It’s actually something we prepare for in training. There is even a section in our manual about how to do it!

If you don’t think you can afford a vacation, use these tips on how to save money while traveling.

A Tale of Two Proposals


He asked me to marry him. I said yes. The end! :)

Oh, you wanted more details? Well here is the longer version …


my two favorite rings

As you know, Christmas is my favorite holiday. I grew up celebrating at my grandparents’ house in Oklahoma and can count on one hand (with fingers to spare) the number of times that I didn’t make it. Now that I live so far away and my parents are divorced, I really cherish the week I usually spend at “home” that time of year. (It may be like a scene out of Four Christmases, but I love our traditions.) So even as Dave and I became more serious, we spent Christmas with our respective families and met up for New Years.

This past year was no different. Dave went to his mom’s with the pups in time for his sister’s birthday on December 21. I stayed in DC until December 23, when I flew to Dallas for Christmas #1 of 5 … Read the rest of this entry

tuesday things

best part of Maple Fest - the maple BBQ sandwich

best part of Maple Fest – the maple BBQ sandwich

  • I am counting down the seconds until Friday at 6 p.m. when the book club crew will be leaving for our annual girls trip to Staunton, Va. for the Highland County Maple Festival. Olivia has recaps for the past three years over on her blog: 2012, 2013, 2014. Be prepared for her to post another after this weekend!
  • I don’t necessarily agree with all of these, but you can try them out at the restaurants on my DC Guide. Thrillist
  • Getting up in the morning is not my forte, unless of course I have no reason to be up and then I’m wide awake before the sun. An evening routine is the only reason I’m not a complete a hot mess each morning. Pick the Brain
  • Do people actually wash a towel after using it only once? Ain’t nobody got time for that!  (#11 and 25 speak to me – don’t agree with #24 or 29 though) Thought Catalog
  • Let’s not be like this, ok? InfoBarrel

Have a great week, y’all!