tuesday things


We made it to spring!! I couldn’t be more excited! Dave and I spent the last two weekends working countless hours both inside and outside of our house, prepping for the various guests we have over the next two weeks. (Expect “Of House and Home” posts soon!)

1. Last week the Cherry Blossoms reached their peak, and I took some time out of my day to stroll and enjoy.

2. This time of year I always start to get Texas-sick – maybe I’m missing the bluebonnets or the beautiful Texas skies, but I definitely switch my listening ears over to country music in the spring.

3. My hankering for a little honky-tonk has come just in time, too! Tomorrow night we are going to the Pat Green concert with a few friends. It’s been three years since I last saw him. The venue is small so it makes for a fairly intimate setting. Naturally we’ll fill up on barbecue beforehand!

4. Random, but did you know that “obnoxious person” is really a boor not bore? Thanks, Miss Manners. Learn something new every day.

5. Dave tells me over and over that I need to have more confidence. Apparently as a woman, I am just wired this way! Seriously though, if I ever have girls I hope to instill in them a sense of “over-confidence.”

tuesday things


1. I think winter is finally over!! We had a brush with the old man on Sunday when it snowed a bit more. Luckily it didn’t stick. In D.C., Spring = cherry blossom season, and I was fully prepared to begin the celebration.

2. Dave and I normally exchange our presents after Christmas since we both go home to our families. Last year we did it at the cabin, and this year we were in our new home. It was fun to wake up on New Year’s Eve and open up by our tree. When I opened my gift, I found this inside …


I thought, “Does he think I need to walk Daisy more often?” So I stared at it for a second until I realized the leash belonged to a pup yet to come! I’ve bugged Dave for years about wanting my own dog. I love Daisy, but she is 110% his. My wish was finally coming true! I started the search immediately, and only recently found a pup that was just right. Her name is Jackie and she’s been with us for a little over two weeks now. She’s a quirky dog, but so sweet and cuddly. We are still learning about each other, but I am so happy that we have her as part of our family now!

3. As I mentioned, the weather last weekend was not the least bit inviting. I spent most of the weekend on the couch reading The Hunger Games. I know I’m a little late to that party, but can honestly say that the books are. so. good. I started the first last week sometime and am almost done with the third already. Next up, the movies!

That’s all for today, y’all. I leave you with April’s calendar page, which makes me smile thinking of my wonderful friends – we all take turns being the hugger or the huggee, and we always have snacks (and wine)!



What are your favorite things about Spring?
What books have you read lately?

Of House and Home: The Man Cave


Every time we looked at a house that was seemingly “perfect,” Dave would hesitate if it did not have a basement. He’s dreamed of his “Dave Cave” for quite some time, and to be honest, I wanted him to have a space to watch Villanova basketball or jam on the drums so that I could watch Grey’s Anatomy or figure skating in the other living area.

After being in for a few months now, I am oh so happy that this house has just that.

It took a little work to make it the perfect cave it is today, but I think it’s the greatest transformation of the house, with the kitchen coming in close second.

When we first walked in, it was not very warm or welcoming, nor did it have the necessary cave-like feel. Bulkheads came down in a couple of areas, the floor was an ugly beige tile and walls were stark white.

Behind the living area of the basement was a laundry room and another full bath, which were two huge pluses for Capitol Hill homes, and totally checked additional boxes on the wish list.

It needed work, but we absolutely saw potential! So up came the tile and down came those bulkheads, which turned out to be unnecessary, over-sized ductwork.

Oh, and we also took everything out of the bathroom to start fresh.

As I mentioned before, we stopped by nearly every day before moving in to check on progress, meet with the contractor and make various decisions. It was unnerving to see it all so torn up, but also a bit thrilling. Dave made sure to lighten the mood … looking at me through the hole between the kitchen and our guest bedroom on the floor above.


After picking out three different kinds of tile, two different paint shades, a vanity and a toilet, we were almost set. The bathroom came together nicely – and we even were able to hide the pipe that used to run across the wall! (I won’t get into details about the trouble getting the glass. It’s in now, and that’s all that matters. Right?)

For the living area we decided to go with a laminate wood flooring, but the one we really wanted was a special order item, so we had to go with our second favorite. In the end, we were so pleased with how well it turned out – much warmer than the other flooring would have been.

So that’s it! The “Dave Cave” is a reality and has even already had some big time excitement — our friends Matthew and Justin got engaged in the basement on New Year’s Eve!

And with this post, I am happy to say that the reno updates are finished for now! Of course there are other projects on the list, but they will be minor in comparison. The most pressing item is to get some landscaping done … any green thumbs out there want to give me ideas? Please!